“No-nonsense engineering and great sound.”  Brent Butterworth – Soundstage Global

All of our exceptional loudspeakers share some common traits:

Voicing: Our speakers are both accurate and easy to listen to. Though we use modern computer aided measurement tools during development, the final decision on speaker voicing is always based on subjective listening and a core question: "Are we experiencing music, or are we listening to audio equipment?"

The answer must be the former.

Dynamics: In terms of dynamic range (the swing from soft passages to towering crescendos), some speakers have a narrow "sweet spot". Or, to say it another way, some speakers sound good at low levels but not so good at high levels (or vice versa). We make every attempt to build a speaker that sounds good at low or high volume.

Value: Studio Electric loudspeakers are often included in audio show reports on "favorite systems" lists. We consistently receive calls and emails from happy owners. Among them are audio professionals and hard core audiophiles. Many owners report that their SE speakers exceed the performance of their previous reference speaker. Based on this positive feedback, we confidently invite comparison to systems costing much more.


Our 4th generation Monitor, featuring our proprietary HighX™ woofer, and a new soft dome tweeter with remarkably smooth response. GREAT sound from a small system!

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A 3-driver, Mid-Size Floor Standing Speaker that creates the sound stage, impact, and realism of a much larger speaker. You will be impressed!

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(Coming Fall 2017)

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Our head speaker designer also does industrial design projects.

"Industrial Art for Audiophiles"

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Amplifiers: Though we are primarily a speaker company, we do make one particularly good sounding amplifier. The high power (405 watts per channel) EA4 amplifier is not high tech, neither is it complex. But, it is a proven design that works. And works well!

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Studio Electric loudspeakers are warrantied for two years from date of manufacture. In most cases, the warranty is transferable.


How to Buy

We sell direct. But we also have a dealer program. Please inquire.

Lead Times / Terms

Though we do stock some finished units, normally we build your speakers when ordered. M4 and FS1 speakers can usually ship in 3-4 weeks. T2, T3 speakers and EA4 amplifiers will take 10-12 weeks. A 50% deposit is required on all custom builds.

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