Q. Who makes your drivers?

We make our own 6.5" broadband driver. The silk dome tweeter is made by an OEM supplier.

Q. Can I use these without subwoofers?

A. Yes. In fact, many people have commented that the low frequency response of the SE Monitor is better than most small 2-way systems, and the TYPE TWO and TYPE THREE system as equal to many larger three-way systems.

Q. How can a steel and aluminum enclosure of the TYPE TWO and TYPE THREE sound so natural?

The sound of our loudspeakers has been described as "musical, articulate and non fatiguing". There are several reasons for this:

-In a conventional speaker box, non linear backpressure, created by multiple reflections of the backwave within the enclosure, creates harmonic distortion and coloration that is often clearly audible in the middle frequencies. Our sealed spherical enclosure provides linear backpressure to the cone of the 6.5" broadband driver. Midrange coloration is significantly lowred.

-Panel resonance in conventional speaker boxes is undesirable and often unavoidable. Further, different panels of a speaker box will exhibit differing characteristics (both frequency & amplitude). Our broadband driver resides within a sphere of 8-gauge stainless steel. The subtle resonance that does occur, is confined to a smaller set of frequencies, and is more uniformly radiated around the circumference of the sphere.

-An added benefit of the broadband sphere is zero baffle board diffraction. The result is a deeper soundstage, relative to "box style" enclosures.

-Our hand selected silk dome tweeters provide smooth reproduction of the upper frequencies and though they do not have quite the extension of metal tweeters, they produce an extremely "natural sound".

STUDIO ELECTRIC loudspeakers have received "best sound of show" at three different national audiophile trade gatherings. See our reviews and comments page.

Q. How can I hear them? / Where can I buy them?

A. "Support your local sound shop" / Contact us for the name of a dealer in your area. We have dealer showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and several other cities. Dealer inquires are invited.

Q. What if there is no dealer in my area?

It is sometimes possible to ship a pair of speakers to your favorite "brick and mortar" sound shop for evaluation. Shipping must be pre paid by you or the shop. We will pay the return shipping if you do not choose to purchase.

If there is no brick and mortar sound shop in your area, or you are a dealer working from home, we offer a "conditional purchase". In this instance, if you are not pleased with the speakers, you may return them, within 30 days, for a refund. Your only obligation, in this case, is the shipping cost and a 10% charge for inspection and repacking.

We do not ship directly to customers who live within 100 miles of an authorized dealer.



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